Theme Generation

2.6.17 – 2.8.17

Based on our time spent at the Center of Life on 2/1, we created bios summarizing information we learned about the individuals we spoke to. The bios are a combination of characteristics, quotes, and observations. We used these to inspire us in generating our goals for the exhibit. The stories of the community members aided us in brainstorming what kind of story we might want to tell.


Our goals were to create experiences that:
-Empower the community
-To highlight individuals and their importance
-Commemorate those that have died
-Show an ideal/achievable future

It would be best if:
-There was an actionable takeaway
-You didn’t need to be from Hazelwood to experience it fully
-We could make people feel a part of Hazelwood

3 of our directions can be viewed below



After the class discussion, our group drew connections between the proposed directions to identify over arching themes and approaches.


The outstanding themes we identified include:
-Giving voice to community members
-Legacy building
-Demonstrating relationships & commonalities (connectedness)
-Recognizing individuals as part of the greater whole

We also identified the proposed medium by which these themes could manifest:
-Data visualization


As we discuss these ideas, themes, and directions, we are faced with questions that would help clarify our next steps. We will need to understand the balance/expectations of how these ideas manifest. To what scope can we expand to? Are we limited to space? What are the back-end actions that need to take place to execute some of these ideas?

By grouping and forming common themes and mediums, we do feel that we have enough direction to work with. Moving forward we will need to dive deeper into each direction to understand the more tangible limitations and outcomes we can achieve.



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