Update: Social Capital Necessary to Build Resilient Communities


This past week we focused on breaking down some of the findings from our previous research activities.  We divided the two interviews into several story categories that we could begin to approach as concepts for the exhibit. The were two important stories we wanted to focus on. The first was about a mother who felt that sending her son to Colorado to grow up was safer for him to avoid gang violence. The second was about a local restaurant that was robbed on Christmas day, even though they gave out free Christmas dinner for anyone who couldn’t afford it.


From our in-sights we gravitated towards three concepts that we thought would be best to present to the class. Each hitting a different theme we wanted visitors to explore/ understand.

Hazelwood panel 1-01.png

This deliverable focused on creating interactive station exhibits that highlighted the hobbies and interests of children who had prematurely passed away. If a child was interested in music, there could be vocals or recordings from him or her that a visitor could listen to and understand who this person was.

Hazelwood panel 2.png

This deliverable focused on finding a way for the people of Hazelwood to share their stories and have their voices be heard. The booth could be a safe place for residents to share their stories and for visitors to listen to the personal voices of the community. They could be stories, memories, or questions.


This deliverable focuses on a self-guided tour around 2nd Ave of Hazelwood- By using a combination of banners, signs, lampposts, and lights we can create a self-guided tour that blurs the line between Hazelwood and the new Almono Development. This tour would utilize a series of strategically placed POI lamppost structures that would display information about a bustling business or historic element of the old Hazelwood. These structures will be placed all over the new Almono/Uber development, Center of Life, and along Hazelwood’s downtown. The common language of the structures and information will prompt new Almono residents to explore 2nd Ave and provide customers for new business. This town tour will be used to literally tie the community together.


We then presented our ideas to the class, they were all well received and were sorted and grouped with concepts from other concepts. Our next steps are to focus on what these concepts might actually become in relation to the rest of the class proposals. We merged with another team to generate principals for the overall theme of the exhibit.


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