Team 6 Update 2/19

This week, we converged as a class and diverged into more cohesive themes and groups that would come together to encompass the greater theme and objective of this designed exhibit. Our group (Zai, Daniel, Jon, Jillian, and Brandon) focused on using the theme “voice” as a lens to further explore old and new ideas and research that can better cater to the desired experience of this exhibit.


Porch Culture:

Porches are a common characteristic of residential architecture within Hazelwood’s community and the greater Pittsburgh area. Using this familiar activity and form of engagement, our team explored how we could use porch culture as a platform for storytelling and understanding through interaction. This concept is heavily rooted in the idea that a given space can be adaptive and accessible within various levels of scale and participation. In addition, we continued to explore how porch culture can be personable and approachable within an exhibit space through various activities that engage people through audio, tactile, and visual experiences.


Crowd Source Images:

While our team explored how we could engage the people of Hazelwood to participate within exhibit content, we conceptualized methods of using images that are personally taken by Hazelwood community members. The goal of this experience is to take first-hand look through the eyes of the community members. The collection of images that would be gathered prior to the exhibit would then be curated and displayed for people to see to understand what it means to be a member of Hazelwood.


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