Mailbox Team Update 4/10

Mailbox Team: Ruby, Kate, Leah, Zai, Gabe

We had our final meeting with Hazelwood members last Wednesday where we were able to fully present the mailbox concept to community members for the first time. Overall, the feedback was positive. People really liked the idea of having a simple take away in the form of support stickers with messages such as “I am Hazelwood” and “I support Hazelwood.”

We also heard from a couple people that they would like a space where they can write letters to loved ones who have passed away. This is a concept that we originally had in the bedroom room space and are bringing back

The aesthetic of the mailboxes will be varied but with similar antique and rustic feelings to give character and draw attention to each activity. We ordered a mailbox which fits this description and are in the process of finding more mailboxes for each space.

While there are still five mailboxes total (with perhaps an additional introduction mailbox?) assigned to each space, we think each mailbox does not need to fit stiffly into its assigned space. Rather they should be flexible and potentially serve as wayfinding that connects the different spaces. This will be resolved as we begin to figure out the finalized location of each mailbox.

The final concepts for each mailbox are:

Living room: visitors text responses to questions/prompts related to the topics within layered table, which then feed into a Hazelwood Twitter account

Bedroom: visitors write letters to loved ones

Kitchen: visitors think about and write their future aspirations on prompt cards

Attic: visitors draw responses to prompts after seeing drawings about gun violence created by children

Porch: visitors take stickers of support related to Hazelwood



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