Aspirations, within & around you

Originally, we wanted to use Kim’s story staring Fat Rai’s as the main narrative for the area. However upon feedback and further considerations, we decided to expand the focus to a greater number of community champions instead of just Kim. We then went on to interview six people: from a high school student in the Krunk program, Zende Reid, and Darnell Campbell, a recent college graduate from Duquesne, to the executive director of the nonprofit organization JADA House, Terry Shields, and former police and military officer Homer Craig, and his wife Ursula Craig. We want to gather stories of people who come from different walks and stages of life so that a wider range of people would feel that Hazelwood and its people are relatable.

Though the main focus of our area is not Kim’s story, we still wanted to highlight her story because of our original idea that alludes to a kitchen. Her story on the wall gives visitors a taste of what the Aspirations space is about and works as a kind of framework in the space.

Team members: Alisa Le, Diana Sun, Jackie Kang, Julia Wong, Praew Suntiasvaraporn, Zac Mau




Realizing the Stories

Engaging the audience is a large part of our goal to have people reflect and write their own goals and hopes. We wanted to have an activity that would help people express their thoughts after being inspired by the Hazelwood Champions’ stories, so we designed Recipe Cards that would tell the Champions’ stories, highlighting some key moments in their journey. It can often be difficult to know how to take the first step towards a goal, so the Hazelwood Champions’ contact information will be provided–visitors can contact the Champions for advice, guidance, or to just get to know them better. The following is an example of Kim’s Recipe Cards, which are a reflection of the Hazelwood Champions’ cards as well.

recipeCards1   recipeCards2

Wall of future self

Visitors can fill out a card as a supplement to those stories; this card aims to have the visitors reflect upon the steps they need to take in order to reach their goals after understanding how some of the Champions reached their’s. The visitors can choose to keep the cards to themselves, or pin them up on the wall for “Your Future Self,” which is not career focused like it was before and gives visitors the freedom to interpret the types of goals they want to write about.


Thinking About Spaces

As a space that aims to have visitors feel inspired and take time to reflect, we want to engage the visitors as much as possible, including children. Previously, we had the tables and chairs in the corner of our space and the Hazelwood Champion stories separating us from the Living Room space (We the People) but we wanted to open up our area so we moved the Champions’ stories and brought the tables and chairs away from the walls.



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