Category: Democracy: Hiding in Plan Sight

Finding Purpose Through Broken Pieces By Tim Smith

You see here before you the broken pieces of two stained glass windows. This is how they look today, but there was a time when they were new, well put together, made for a purpose, a thing of beauty for the eye to behold. In many ways these broken pieces tell the story of Greater ...


Research Synthesis

Site Visit + Initial Research Synthesis We met Tim Smith, our main community contact for the project, at Center of Life in Hazelwood. He walked us through a large chunk of the main street, pointing out the Almano site, 2nd avenue, and various churches as some of the more important landmarks in the area. Tim ...


Political Map of Pittsburgh

A big part of understanding Hazelwood is to understand how it fits into Pittsburgh as a whole. Our small group, Team Nine, worked to map out political figures in Pittsburgh and break down how they fit into Hazelwood.  Here is a link to our PDF.


Past, present, future lives.

Post by Daniel Kison, Jonathan Kim, Zainab Aliyu On the night of Wednesday February 1st, we met with Hazelwood residents at Center of Life to conduct research activities and broaden our understanding of the Hazelwood community as a whole. We created an exercise where participants would have to consider one of five topics: family, community, ...


Team 6 Update 2/19

This week, we converged as a class and diverged into more cohesive themes and groups that would come together to encompass the greater theme and objective of this designed exhibit. Our group (Zai, Daniel, Jon, Jillian, and Brandon) focused on using the theme “voice” as a lens to further explore old and new ideas and ...


Bureaucracy & politics

After several weeks pealing away the rich layers of the Hazelwood community were able to uncover of topics of workforce development, infrastructure, politics, community collaboration, city planning and bureaucracy. From our preliminary research, four primary themes have emerged: 1) bureaucracy  & politics, 2) generational gap, 3) community planning and engagement, 4) resiliency of a community. ...