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A place to remember and share hopes for the future.

There is no good reason to bury a child. Thereis no justification for why this unnatural acthas become normal in Hazelwood. Here, we recognize the countless individuals who have felt the pain of saying goodbye to loved ones whose lives were cut short by street violence.

Finding Purpose Through Broken Pieces By Tim Smith

You see here before you the broken pieces of two stained glass windows. This is how they look today, but there was a time when they were new, well put together, made for a purpose, a thing of beauty for the eye to behold. In many ways these broken pieces tell the story of Greater ...

I am, we are, we will

Visualization of the Hazelwood Community Our first prototype focused on the concept of community integration and data visualization. We designed a 3D map of Hazelwood where flags can be placed to show community individuality and voice. Our group (Porch group)  began with an idea to create an activity and space to initiate a conversation about ...

A starting point.

Center of Life, Hazelwood