Category: History/Heritage/Culture: Memory of a Place and Its People

I am, we are, we will

Visualization of the Hazelwood Community Our first prototype focused on the concept of community integration and data visualization. We designed a 3D map of Hazelwood where flags can be placed to show community individuality and voice. Our group (Porch group)  began with an idea to create an activity and space to initiate a conversation about ...


Memory of a place an its people

Initial concepts for Memory of a Place an its People, with an emphasis on relationships. Kaitlin Lea Leah


Putting children at the center of the place

Our initial plans for our activity was to have our participants categories things that they do like chores, work/school, recreation, health, etc. Then they would re-group these things based on what they do within Hazelwood and things they need to leave their community for. After talking about all of these things, we were then planning to ...

Giving Face to the Narrative

1.22.17 Establishing the Frameworks  As we begin to understand and uncover the direction that our group and class is taking in order to tell the story we want, we realized that there needed to be some shifts in our perspective and mission. Initially, our ideas were meaningful as they were rooted with instinctual and individualized ...

Precious keepsakes

Saturday, February 25, 2017 we will start to collect the communities precious keepsakes at the Fire Hall on Flower Ave.

Theme Generation

2.6.17 – 2.8.17 Based on our time spent at the Center of Life on 2/1, we created bios summarizing information we learned about the individuals we spoke to. The bios are a combination of characteristics, quotes, and observations. We used these to inspire us in generating our goals for the exhibit. The stories of the community ...