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Mailbox Team Update 4/10

Mailbox Team: Ruby, Kate, Leah, Zai, Gabe We had our final meeting with Hazelwood members last Wednesday where we were able to fully present the mailbox concept to community members for the first time. Overall, the feedback was positive. People really liked the idea of having a simple take away in the form of support ...


Presenting our Space – Kitchen

Before going to Hazelwood, our team went to Creative Reuse to find recipe boxes for our activity and frames for the different parts of Kim’s story. We changed our goal cards to have one main goal with a tear-able piece, which would go in the mailbox for COL as a call to action. On the ...


Research Synthesis

Site Visit + Initial Research Synthesis We met Tim Smith, our main community contact for the project, at Center of Life in Hazelwood. He walked us through a large chunk of the main street, pointing out the Almano site, 2nd avenue, and various churches as some of the more important landmarks in the area. Tim ...


Putting children at the center of the place

Our initial plans for our activity was to have our participants categories things that they do like chores, work/school, recreation, health, etc. Then they would re-group these things based on what they do within Hazelwood and things they need to leave their community for. After talking about all of these things, we were then planning to ...


Political Map of Pittsburgh

A big part of understanding Hazelwood is to understand how it fits into Pittsburgh as a whole. Our small group, Team Nine, worked to map out political figures in Pittsburgh and break down how they fit into Hazelwood.  Here is a link to our PDF.


Synthesizing Our Research

The attached pdf is a document that brings together the different phases of research that our small group investigated over the first three weeks of this project. Understanding the community of Hazelwood better entailed background research, several site visits, culture probes to reach the people, and space ideation built from written proposition statements. Find the ...


Livelihood of a place, identity and opportunity

The project began when we visited the Center of Life for the first time to meet community members living in Hazelwood. The evening consisted of icebreaker activities, CMU students sharing the stories of their significant objects, the residents discussing and sharing stories about the past and present concerns about Hazelwood. The discussion covered Hazelwood’s economic, ...